Without firm grounding in something deeper than fleeting circumstances, your experience of the daily news and the complexities of your life can have you feeling unmoored in the present, anxious about the future and sad, guilty or angry about the past.

Blowing Milkweed Seeds

Do You feel blown about by
– the latest bad news?
– strained relationships?
– unemployment?
– financial stress?
– a new challenge?
– inner turmoil – trauma or guilt?
– loss? grief? anxiety?
– the need for change?

You are not alone.

My clients often express these or similar concerns. These stresses are depleting to your ability to think creatively and take action. You become as a seed fluff on the wind. What to do?


…gazing out over the open water or lying on the grass under a starry sky. As you feel the earth solid beneath you, your churning mind loosens its grip and your awareness floats out into the vastness before your eyes. Calm seeps in and peace arises, gently replacing your raging thoughts.

As you regularly revisit this soothing place, resilience (your ability to bounce back) returns. Your perspective, your ability to think creatively and your ability to take action toward solutions are restored.

Together we will discover your unique ways of connecting to the inner stillness and peace that are your natural state and birthright. From that place, resilience rises naturally as does creative thinking and we can begin finding ways to get life working better for you.

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