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Why is this happening to me … again ??

I just finished reading an awesome e-book about spirituality and relationships.

Why is this happening to me…Again??
by Michael Ryce

The book is a dialogue between Michael Ryce and a man named Richard.  Richard is distraught because his wife is leaving him, as others have left him before.  Michael teaches Richard how to become aware of and disengage himself from the blocks that prevent him from receiving the love he so desperately wants.  He helps Richard rebuild his understanding of life and relationships.

Ryce presents a dynamic approach to problems of relationship that occur in daily encounters as we move about in the world.  The Techniques in the book are easy to understand and put to use.  Written as it is in dialogue form, it is easy to identify with and apply the information offered.

You can get the printed version from Amazon:

You can get the audio on 5 CDs or via mp3 download:

Or you can get the book FREE as a pdf download !!

This book will change your views on life and cannot fail to improve your interactions with friends, family, love partner, work associates and those who cross your path but for a moment.  It’s free… give it a try!  Let me know what you think!!

Freebies for the Mind and Soul

I would like to share with you today one of my favorite websites.

You can check out his ebooks  as well as sign up for his free newsletter.

I have been enjoying Chris’ newsletter for years. His focus is on mental and spiritual development as well as healthy living in the body.  Very often he sends an offer for a free ebook or audio recording.  As a matter of fact, he gave so much stuff away for free that he set up an entire website to organize and provide easy access to them.

You are what you think !
In the early 1900’s there was an impressive movement to understand how our habits of thought affected the events of our lives.  Many authors emerged and created books and articles that are just as pertinent today as they were then.

Have you heard of James Allen? Wallace D Wattles? Genevieve Behrend? William Walker Atkinson? Their works still ring true today.  You will find them and many more in ebook and audio form on Christopher’s website.   You will also find any contemporary works in many forms — ebooks, audios, movies, tests, puzzles, interesting websites and much, much more… all for free.

Check It Out !!