Everybody got the Blahs? Try a Good Humor Marathon !!

Beat the Blahs with Comedy Movie Night !!

Need a family pick-me-up? A fun activity to bring the family together?
Has a rainy day day got everyone in a gray funk?
Here’s a great solution!

 Laughter !!

Get the family together for a movie night. Not just any movie night, but a

Good Humor Marathon

You will need:

— snacks

— beverages

— soft lighting

— a tv and movie player of your choice

— comfy places to sit or lie down ( pillows, comforters and sleeping bags are great!)

— some really funny movies (be sure to leave a comment with some of your favorites)

Go through your movie collection or borrow some from friends.
Or better yet, sign up for Netflix! I love Netflix. The cost is minimal for what you get. The movie selection is simply vast.

If you have available streaming Netflix, all the better!

Get everybody comfy and let the fun begin! In our house, we let everybody stay up as late as they wanted and watch as many movies as they wished. Often the kids would simply crash out on the livingroom floor in their sleeping bags. Our movie marathons were one of our favorite family activities and made for many great memories over the years.

Additional Ideas

  • Everybody make an agreement to turn off the phones for the evening.
  • For a few days before your marathon, put a voting box in an obvious place and ask everyone to contribute ideas for funny movies to watch.
  • Have everyone invite a friend over. Make it a party.
  • Check out the thrift shops and yard sales.  For under $20 you can go home with a working VCR and several movies.


Don’t forget to comment on this post – I will add a list of our favorite comedies!!


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