How I Work

I see my clients as the experts on their lives.  

My role is to help  them to clarify their desires for their lives,  set goals and take action. Using strategies gathered from my education and my work with clients, I help anticipate or get around obstacles that arise. I help my clients to celebrate their achievements and continue to  build upon  their successes.

I help my clients to:

Feel heard and understood get clarity on what it is that they want and why they want it.  My clients often tell me that I “get them” and that they experience a sense of relief and affirmation in that. It is so often true that as we put our thoughts into words, we come to understand ourselves more clearly.

Identify their strengths and build on them.
It is very common for people to disregard their greatest assets – their natural talents an dstrengths.  Acknowledging your  inherent strengths is great for your confidence, motivation and success.

Understand the needs that motivate them and underlie every decision that they make.  Until we really look at our motivations, we can be quite unaware of why we think, do and say what we do. To be more aware of our motivations  can greatly increase our power to create the lives we want.

Set goals, take action and navigate solutions to problems or obstacles that arrive on the way to success. This is a very individual process. Some clients are looking for someone to be accountable to. Others are looking for a coach who will help them get “unstuck” or find a way around their resistance to a certain objective.

When you work with me, you can expect results!

Increased harmony, cooperation and enhanced communication in relationships occur as the you learn and implement specific strategies that support rather than undermine your relationships. For example, a couple who argued constantly implemented an executive meeting strategy where they allowed themselves to bring up problems only during these executive sessions and focused on all of the good in their lives at all other times. This simple strategy restored the harmony in their home, increased their passion, and provided them with focused time to work on solutions to problems.

Eased transition into new life stages. Identifying that you are in  a transition to a new life stage can, in itself, be a powerful force for easing that transition. You then become the conscious wielder of the choices involved.  For example, a couple facing an “empty nest” can get creative and find new ways to fill that nest with new activities, new connection with each other and grow by processing this important change. By recognizing that the unrest in their relationship is caused by a natural transition can help them to focus on the true nature of the problem. Often life stage transitions masquerade as frustrating patterns of behaviors that seem to have no solution.

Greater Achievement of your Goals – By getting clear on what you want in your life, why you want it, you dramatically  increase your chances of success. By having support along the way and by creatively applying strategies when stuck places occur, momentum can be maintained or regained.

Greater Peace, Fulfillment, Joy – By identifying things in your life that sap your spiritual energy and by learning about the value of growth and contribution and taking action in those directions, Contentment, Peace, Fulfillment, Joy begin to rise.

My Philosophy

The foundation of my work is my understanding of the six human needs shared by all humans which underlie every decision we make.

These needs are for certainty, uncertainty, love and connection, significance, growth, and contribution.  There are ways of meeting these needs that are of great service and some that do great harm. For example, a person can experience significance by inventing a prosthetic heart valve that saves many lives. Another person experiences significance by robbing a couple at gunpoint. Careful examination of our needs and which are most important to us and our typical ways of meeting them can change lives dramatically for the better. 

Everyone has strengths that deserve to be acknowledged and that, when harnessed, are powerful tools for creating motivation, momentum, confidence and success.  A woman struggles to achieve her goals. When I help her to realize that the chaos of her childhood she has developed in her a strength that lies in using great focus, in an almost exclusive way, to accomplish what is needed, she begins to use that strength to focus her energy and reach her goals.

Relationships, although they require work and attention, giving and service can be and should be a source of joy and fulfillment. Every relationship is unique, but in the end there is nothing that will create more personal growth and sense of fulfillment than learning to love well. 

Life is more full, rich and joyful for those who have a spiritual life.

It is not my role to define belief systems, but I have noticed that people who have a spiritual life are more able to find peace and joy in their existence.

My Approach

Every client is unique and for that reason my coaching program is very flexible.

Although I employ many strategies and an overall belief system about human behavior, we will explore together what works for you and create a way of working together that is tailored to your needs.

Quick response is guaranteed!  

Nothing is more frustrating that working with a coach who will not answer their phone calls or emails. Your calls or emails will be answered within 12 hours. In the event of a delay, you will receive notification that I am unavailable and when I will be able to respond more fully.

My Uniqueness

My Robbins-Madanes training is the foremost Life Coach Training Program in the world.

This training brings together the work of Tony Robbins – a coach now for decades who has worked with millions of people and Cloe Madanes – a world renowned family therapist and teacher. The training program they have created brings together the best of decades of the greatest teachers and practitioners of psychology of philosophy.

I have been studying philosophy, spirituality, psychology for most of my adult life and applying what I have learned to my own relationships, my life and understanding of the world.

Now that you have a better idea about the results you can expect by working with us and our approach and philosophy of working with clients, go next to the Our Services page to learn about the specific services and programs we offer.