Who I work with

My clients have one thing in common – they are ready to create a change in their lives.

They are typically introspective, committed people who are ready to create something new or different in the area of their work, home, relationship or inner world They want to experience more joy, more fulfillment, success, more peace. 

Is this you?


Are you experiencing difficulty in an important relationship?

Do you and your spouse/partner engage in the same argument over and over and never find a solution? Has the passion faded away? Has there been hurt and a loss of trust? Do you find that constant thoughts about your relationship are affecting other areas of your life and making you miserable? Are you locked in power struggles?

Do relationships in your workplace create a feeling of unrest, frustration that is interfering with your work, your personal life or overall sense of well-being?

Do you struggle to maintain loving, supportive relationships with your children? After a divorce? During adolescence ? As they become adults and have children of their own?

Are you navigating a troublesome life stage or transition?

Are you a young adult thinking about leaving home? A parent juggling children, work and relationship? Navigating issues of mid-life, such as an impending empty nest, aging and health issues? Taking on a new role of caring for aging parents? Adjusting to  the end of a relationship? Have you experienced a significant loss of someone important to you? Have you lost your job?  

Do you get inspired, set goals then give up or fail to achieve them?

Have you tried repeatedly to lose weight? Control spending? Break a habit? Stick to an exercise program? Develop a healthier lifestyle?

Are you simply wishing for more peace, fulfillment, contentment, joy in your life?

If one of these scenarios or a similar one has you struggling for perspective and solutions, you’ve come to the right place. There is help for you here. 

Who is likely to succeed ?

Clients are more likely to work successfully with me if …

They are willing to consider that their greatest power to change any circumstance may lie in changing their own actions, thoughts, behaviors.

They are committed to growth and learning. 

They value contribution.

They are generally loving, committed people.

They are curious about their problems and willing to explore new, creative  solutions.

Now that you know the kind of clients I work with and the kinds of issues I help them resolve, click here to learn more about how it works.