I have been a farm girl, teacher,  mother, business woman.

Life transitions have led me through single parenting, caregiving for my elderly mom, being a parent of adult children and being a Nana, each role providing untold richness and purpose.

Currently I am enjoying the late  winter days of February in New England. With three feet of snow in the ground, I get my workouts in on my snowshoes or on logging trails in nearby woods.

I love learning about psychology, relationships and what motivates us as humans.

My connection with the earth is vitally important to me and the summers find me tending my honeybees, gardening, hiking, walking barefoot in the grass.  My camera is nearly always at hand, capturing moments, people, nature.

When winter presses me indoors, I draw pictures, write, sew and process photos. I haven’t been bored in a very, very long time.

Drop me a line. Tell me about you.

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