COVID – 19: how to use questions to create calm and growth amidst crisis and chaos

The Questions We Ask Ourselves

As COVID-19 sweeps into every corner of our lives, health, money, relationships, food, shelter, favorite pastimes and more are affected.

Here in America our lives are not always just as we wish, but they are typically pretty predictable.

Or so we thought.

Then came the corona virus.

First comes the danger.

Now comes the opportunity.

It is the opportunity to ask a better question and live a better answer.

Whether we are aware of it or not, we humans ask and answer questions all the time.

As Tony Robbins says, “If you don’t like the answers you are getting, ask a better question!”

Click here for more examples of questions we ask and alternatives to generate better answers.

Here is the question I suggest to you as we face this crisis:

Who am I in the space of this?

Just let that question settle in. When troubling questions arise in your mind, return to this one. Or create a better one of your own.

This may seem simplistic, but it works to help you to find the kind of purpose and meaning that make our lives livable, helpful, even energizing…even in difficult times.

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